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Download the Latest Version of FieWin App. You can also download the latest Apk File and then install into your Mobile. the benefits of the Latest version of the app are important. one of the most useful thing of Latest App is that you will get All the Games and the Facility of Reward and commission which have been updated by the FieWin.

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To Register in FieWin, you just need to follow these Instructions –

1. Click on the Given Link ‘Register’ : Register

2. Now, Fill your Mobile Number.

3. Click on Get verification Code.

4. Enter your verification code, you received on your filled mobile number.

5. Now, click on Register.

Congratulations! You have successfully Registered your account on FieWin. Enjoy Your Day.

To Download the FieWin Latest App, Follow these steps –

1. if you are new to FieWin, then you have to register yourself at FieWin Game. To Register You can see the upper heading.

2. if you have Registered already, then you just need to login into your FieWin Account.

3. To Login into your Account, You have to fill your mobile number.

4. Click on get verification code.

5. Now, fill up the verification code you have received on your mobile number and click Login.

6. After login in to your account, You will see the Caption of download The App.

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FieWin Updates

FieWin is Fantastic online betting game, by which you can earn a thick amount of money from home without too much efforts. as we all know that FieWin is a Online betting game, so before starting winnings from this game, it is necessary to have some amount into your Account.

We can add amount into our Account by Click on Recharge Option in our Account.  in this paragraph we will learn about the process of Recharge in our Account. So, Read out the paragraph carefully and follow the given instructions to Recharge into your Account.

How to Recharge in FieWin ?

1. Open your account in App or portal and Login into it.

2. Click on Recharge button Given Into the Account Dashboard.

3. Now, Fill up the Amount you want to credit into your account.

4. Click on Recharge Button.

5. Now, Fill up the OTP and Submit it For Recharge.

What is Minimum Amount to Recharge in FieWin ?

The minimum amount you can recharge with in FieWin is 26 Rs. the Amount less then 26 Rs cannot be recharged into your Account. so take it at a glance that your debited account must have at least 26 Rs, then only you can recharge in FieWin Account.

So after Filling the Valid Amount, click on the Recharge button and then you will be redirected to the payment methods.

Methods Of Recharge

There are mainly 2 types of methods are given to Recharge:

1. UPI Pay

2. QR Code

For UPI Pay, you can choose following platforms for payment :

1. G Pay

2. Paytm

3. Phone Pe

4. Amazon Pay

Once, you have selected a payment method, there will be UPI Id on your screen. Now, Copy that UPI Id and Proceed to p[ay your desired amount which has been filled by you in recharge option.

Take a Screen Shot and Upload

After getting Recharge successfully, you need to take a screen shot of your payment. Now, get back to the payment option window where you will be redirected to upload your payment screenshot to confirm your payment.

Once the Administration get the confirmation of your Payment, your Account will be credited by the amount which you have recharged.



This is a very good time that you are going to withdraw your winnings from the FieWin. if you are playing with a strategy and tricks, it is damn sure that you will get more and more chances to withdraw your money from FieWin again and again.

in this Paragraph, we will discuss about the process of withdrawing money. there is nothing a complex in withdrawing but though you have to follow some simple and quick steps by which you can withdraw easily.

How we can withdraw money in FieWin ?

to withdraw money you have to go to your account and log in into it. now go to dashboard and click on ‘Withdraw’. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the withdraw window. Now, Fill up the amount you want to withdraw from the FieWin Account and click on the Withdraw.

Before you proceed to withdraw your money, let me clear one thing to you that you need to add your account which may be a bank account or a UPI account then only you will be able to withdraw your money.

How we can add account to Withdraw money ?

 As I have told you that it is very very important to add your account to FieWin to withdraw money. if you are new, you need to ass payment method and account only at once.

To add payment method, follow the instructions given below :

1. Click on ‘+add payment method’.

2. After click, you will have 3 options.

A. New UPI 

B. New Bank Account.

C. New Paytm Wallet Account.

3. Now, Click on a option from the given options and proceed to next step.

For example, if you choose option ‘New Bank Account’, then you need to fill these details to add your Bank Account into Your FieWin Account.

1. Your Name (as per your bank account passbook)

2. Your IFSC Code.

3. Your Account Number.

After filling all these above details, click on the ‘Save Button’. Your Account will be added and will be activated soon for withdrawing the amount.

How much time does it take to deposit the Amount in to Your Account ?

Generally, the process of withdrawing the money in FieWin is very Good and Fast. After proceeding for withdraw, it takes less then a minute to deposit the amount in to your Account.

How much FieWin charges for Withdraw money ?

the withdraw charges are depended on your amount which you want to withdraw. For Example:

1. If you are withdrawing less then 1500 Rs then you will be charged for 30 Rs for this transaction.

2. If you are withdrawing the money more then 1500 Rs then you will be charged by 2% for this transaction.

What is minimum Limit to Withdraw money in FieWin ?

in this app, you cannot withdraw the money less then 35 Rs. this is a valid minimum limit to withdraw the Money form Your Account. 

Most Popular FieWin Rewards

FieWin Task Reward

This is a small reward given by FieWin on completing some small tasks such as :

1. Learn to Recharge – 2 Rs.

2. First Recharge – 5 Rs.

3. First Invitation – 5 Rs.

4. More Than 100 Orders – 20 Rs.

5. More Than 1000 Orders – 100 Rs.

6. More Than 10000 Orders – 1000 Rs.

Check In Reward

This is a free reward of FieWin. to receive this award we have to check in per day. this reward is dynamic in nature :

1. Day- 1 – 1 Rs.

2. Day- 2, Day- 3, Day- 4 – 2 Rs.

3. Day- 5, Day- 6, Day 7 – 3 Rs.

After Day seven we will get a Key to unlock treasury Box and can receive the Mysterious Prizes up to 20000 Rs !

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Agent Million Cash Growth Plan

This is highly Profitable Reward by which we can earn a thick amount. this reward is based on the ‘Refer and Earn‘ plan in which we have to invite the users from our link and then we can receive this award. To know more about this plan Scroll down and get the Detailed information about this Reward and get the simple tricks to Complete this reward quickly.

FieWin - Features

The Latest version of FieWin App has total 7 Games and the Efficient way of Playing and Earning.

Download The Latest FieWin Apk

1. FieWin – Crash Game Tricks

2. FieWin – Fast Parity Tricks

3. FieWin – Circle Game Tricks

4. FieWin – Dice Game Tricks

5. FieWin- Mine Sweeper Game Tricks

6. FieWin – Andar Bahar Game Tricks

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FieWin – Quick Features

Name of ApplicationFieWin App
Type of ApplicationOnline Betting App
Games7 Games in Latest Version
Register LinkRegister Now
Download Latest App LinkDownload Now

FieWin – Games

1. Fast Parity

This is a type of Color Prediction Game in which we have to select a number or a color and then we bet on it. there are different – different Multiplier of the Reward on each Color. this game is good to play and earning in this game is easy in compare to other Games in FieWin. so, Today we will tell you in this Paragraph about this Game and the Rules to play this game.

we will first discuss about the time period of each bet played in this game. the time period in this game is 30 Sec. so we can conclude that this is very fast result showing game and when we will play it, then we will get to know that this is enough simple and quick to win in this game.

lets talk about the rules of this Game which are as following :

30 seconds 1 issue, 27 seconds to order, 3 seconds to show the lottery result. It opens all day. The total number of trade is 2880 issues.
If you spend 100 rupees to trade, after deducting 2 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 98 rupees:
JOIN GREEN: if the result shows 1,3,7,9, you will get (98*2) 196 rupees; If the result shows 5, you will get (98*1.5) 147 rupees.
JOIN RED: if the result shows 2,4,6,8, you will get (98*2) 196 rupees; If the result shows 0, you will get (98*1.5) 147 rupees.
JOIN VIOLET: if the result shows 0 or 5, you will get (98*4.5) 441 rupees.
So, we have seen that how the Rules work in Fast Parity Game. now we can easily play this game because we know evrything about it. we can understood this game very well and enjoy to earn with it.

2. Mine Sweeper

Lets, look back on the other game of FieWin which is also very very good and easy to play and quick to win. this game works on the guess idea and totally based on Luck. we play this game with a idea to avoid the mines and when we clicked on the mines, this game will be over. 

We can get over in this game also if we are playing with a mindset to win. this is nothing but the game of guess. we will look over the rules of this game before play this game. 

the Important rules we need to know before playing it, are as follows –

1. You can choose 2×2, 4×4, 8×8 three ways to play. The number of levels and reward amounts for each method are different.

2. The following is an example of 4×4:In the 16 boxes, one of them was buried with a mine. The goal of the game is to find a box without mines, and every time you find one, you will get a reward.

3. Andar Bahar

This is a card base game in which we have to select a card and decide that if this card will be andar or bahar. the means to say is that we bet on a selected card. this game is totally based on the cards. it is quiet simple to win in this game  because if we have the basic knowledge of the card, then we can probably win the huge amount by this game.

In this Paragraph, we will talk about the Rules and how to play this game. on other side, we will look over its winning possibility and some tricks to win over this game and to earn a thick amount.

Andar Bahar is a guessing game, you can choose Andar, Bahar, or Tie.
30 seconds to order, after the order time, Show a hole card first. Then, in the order of Andar → Bahar, the cards are dealt in turn, and the card with the same number of points as the hole card is dealt first, and which side wins.
If the hole card shows a 7, then Andar and Bahar, whoever shows the 7 first, wins. If no 7 is shown in 30 consecutive cards, it is a tie.
If you spend ₹100 to trade, after deducting 3 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 97 rupees:
Buy Andar: Andar will first show 7 and you will get (97 * 1.9) 184.3 rupees;
Buy Bahar: Bahar will first show 7 and you will get (97 * 2) 194 rupees;
Buy a Tie: If both Andar and Bahar do not show 7, you will get (97 * 14) 1358 rupees.
 so just now, we have seen some rules and the basics of how to play this game. now the tricks for this game will be updated soon.

4. Crash

The most joyful and the mysterious game of FieWin is the Crash. this attracts most of the users towards it and generates the good amount of revenue per day. if we talk about that how profitable is this for the users or players, then I want to tell you that if we play with some strategies and the basic ideas of Earning then we can come to the Conclusion that we can earn good amount of pocket money per day by this game without stress.

Now, before playing the game, we need to know the basic of this game and some fact that how this game works. in the game, we saw that  a helicopter is flying up and up as the time span. with the helicopter, our multiplier is also going up and then suddenly it crashes and our game is over. to gain profit, we just need to understand a thing that we have to stop it before it crashes.

Now look over some basic rules to play it :

first, choose how much you want to place order. Click “START” to place your order and watch the multiplier rise from 1.00x upwards! You can click “STOP” at any time in order to multiply your point with the current multiplier. But be careful: The game can end at any time, and if you haven’t stop by then, you get nothing!
If the game has started, the order you placed will be the next game.
How is the amount calculated ?
If the amount of your order is 100, the escape multiple is 5.0x, after deducting 3 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 97 rupees:
5.0X: You will get (97 * 5) 485 rupees
How high can the multiplier go ?
Up to 500 times. It means that our betting amount may be 500 times if we have played it well.
What is auto stop ?
If you choose to auto stop, when the multiple reaches the selected multiple, it will auto stop and get rewards.
What are the Multipliers in Different Colors ?

Each Multiplier has the unique color that indicates it value as follows :

5. Dice

This game is based on the Dice. in which we have to predict that the upcoming numbers will be greater or lesser from the number we have selected to bet. this game is totally profitable and can give some thick amount per day, if we play it with some basic strategies and ideas.

So, before playing this game, we have to look over its rules and How to play this game. in this section, we will tell you about the rules and the basic ideas to play this game.

Some Basic Rules are as follows :

A. 1 minutes 1 issue, 57 seconds to order, 3 seconds to show the lottery result. It opens all day. The total number of trade is 1440 issues.

If you spend 100 rupees to trade, after deducting 5 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 95 rupees. If you select <19, the result is 16, you will get (95*5) 475 point.

6. Circle

Another interesting and joyful game of FieWin. this game also attracts people and users like the Crash game. it generates the highe revenue per day for FieWin. this game is so simple to play and earn. let see how to play this game ?

The Circle game is played every 30 seconds, and one of the 38 grids is randomly selected in each draw. The 38 squares correspond to 3 colors (yellow, red, green), three animals (lion, elephant, cow), and 38 numbers. If you choose the right one, you will win the prize.

The odds are as follows:
Lion 3X, Elephant 3X, Cow 3X, Crown 18X

Red 18X, Yellow 2X, Green 2X.

How the Amount is Calculated ?

If you spend ₹100 to trade, after deducting 3 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 97 rupees:
36X: You will get (97 * 36) 3492 rupees


7. Hilo

This is another card based game in FieWin , but the rules are different from the Game Andar- Bahar. this game is a profitable game and generates the good amount of Revenue per day. By this game, we can earn a daily pocket money. so this game is more popular among the students.

Lets have a look on the Rules of this game before play it. the Rules are as follows :

After starting the game, a hole card will be shown, and the next card will be higher or lower than the current card. If you guess correctly, you can get the corresponding reward. Then you can continue to flop, or you can end the game to get a reward. If you don’t want to play the current hole card, you can choose to skip it.


When the hole card is K, choose to be equal to or lower than K;

 When the hole card is A, choose to be equal to A or higher than A;

When the hole card is not K or A, choose higher than or equal to or lower than or equal to.

How to Get the Jackpot ?

If you guess 4 hole cards in a row and the result is 7 without skipping in between, you can get a JACKPOT super reward.
How is the amount calculated?
If you spend ₹100 to trade, after deduct 2 rupees service fee, deduct 1 rupee to enter the jackpot. Your contract amount is 97 rupees:
2.0X: You will get 194(97*2) rupees.
How many cards can be guessed at most?
As long as you can guess, there is no limit to the number.

Agent Million Cash Growth Plan

FieWin Provides 7 Levels Under This Agent Million Cash Growth Plan. the Levels Are As follows -
1. Level -1 (Iron) : To Complete This Level, you must have 1 Registered User. the Prize to complete this Level is 3 Rs.

2. Level -2 (Bronze) : To Complete this level, you need to have 1 Effective User. the Prize for this level is 50 Rs.

3. Level -3 (Silver) : To Complete this level, you must have 5 Effective User. the Prize to complete this level is 300 Rs.
Agent Million Cash Growth Plan
4. Level -4 (Gold) : This is Higher level and profitable then other Levels.

To Complete this Level You need to Fill up Underwritten Requirements and then you can claim your Rewards.
Effective Users - 20
Prize - 1500 Rs.

5. Level - 5(Platinum) : This Level is higher Then Golden Level and gives more Profit.
Effective Users - 50
Prize - 4000 Rs.

Agent Million Cash Growth Plan
6. Level -6(Diamond) : This Level adds a thick Amount in to your Account. This Level has been divided into 4 Mini Levels.

Diamond I - Effective Users - 100
Prize - 10000 Rs.

Diamond II - Effective Users - 200
Prize - 20000 Rs.
Diamond III - Effective Users - 300
Prize - 30000 Rs.
Diamond IV - Effective Users - 400
Prize - 40000 Rs.
Agent Million Cash Growth Plan
7. Level -7(Master) : This level is the Highest prize awarding Level in FieWin game, Which gives us a huge Amount of 10 Lakh Rupees.
This Level is the dream level of all the Players of FieWin because of its reward. so if You are thinking about to complete this level then we can help you in positive way. we tells about the special tricks to win and to complete the Levels.

Master Level Conditions -
Effective Users - 10000
Prize - 1000000 Rs.
Agent Million Cash Growth Plan